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  The photo of me was taken while playing Over-35 soccer, my other folly besides analogue synth restoration.  I also like to ride my bike to work (70 mins each way) once or twice a week to keep fit.

Oh yeah, still restoring/completing my ETI4600 which began a long time ago, in about (ahem) 1974. Still adding new modules of my own design, still finishing original modules, still fixing design flaws & replacing chips that are no longer manufactured.  Heaps of thanks to Ken Stone &  Rick Jelliffe (in Oz) for your help, and to Paul Read &  Junior Hacksaw (in UK), and many others such as Jurgen Haible for ideas and inspiration.

My high point musically:  I once met Rick Wakeman, Roger Dean, and Chris Squire, all on the same afternoon, and stood 3 steps away while Rick played medleys for an hour on grand piano. Oh yeah, I was once *almost* in what later became the backing choir for Journey to the Centre of the Earth (in Oz), but I quit my Uni Choir (UNSW) before that particular gig came up, mostly due to my limited range and very limited music reading. I was "that close" to singing "Crystals of opaque quartz studded limpid tears" for Rick W, and only my lack of vocal ability stood in the way :}

I love a very wide range of music, including rock, jazz, classical, arabic, folk, but my top keyboard faves would have to be (equally) Rick Wakeman, Keith Emerson, Richard Wright, and Vladimir Horowitz, but also of course Jan Hammer, Isao Tomita, Tony Kaye, Dave Brislin, Patrick Moraz, Igor Korowitz, Ray Manzarek. You may detect a subtle bias toward "Yes", the world's finest ever group. Other top bands naturally include Pink Floyd, Sky, Coda (Oz), Tommy & Phil Emmanuel (Oz), Dixie Dregs,
Steve Morse, Steve Howe Trio, ELP, Sea Level, and many others.


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