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Emil Sarlija
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  I am the current owner of the Australian version of the ETI4600. I bought it around 6 years ago (2002) from an electronics boffin hippie who used to make extra money by reselling TVs he got from hard rubbish and fixed. I paid AU$100 (equivalent to about £40), in a non- working state.

It sat in my parents shed for years until I returned home to Australia from Edinburgh. After mockingly chastising a friend while drunk at a party for not giving me his VCS3 to fix the third oscillator, I remembered my 4600 in the shed and decided to repair it.

As a side note, the person he gave the VCS3 to had it for a month and couldn't fix it. I did it in one afternoon. Hah! Also, I may get de-bollocked for saying this, the ETI 4600 is way more versatile and fun. ;-)

Currently, the only part not working is the Oscillator 4 which need a new 4416 CMOS Quad Analogue Switch IC - a part that's long been discontinued. Given time and experimenting, I could probably build up an equivalent on a daughter board. [webmaster - see For Sale and Wanted section for a possible source] The keyboard controller isn't working properly either as the note slowly drifts up when I let go of the key. I narrowed it down to somewhere in the sample-and-hold circuit but couldn't pin it down from there.

Since my photos were taken I had fully removed the veneer, which was peeling off anyway, and painted the box sky blue. The keyboard is also now separate from the rest of the unit.


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