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The Australian version of the ETI 4600 synthesiser


This website is dedicated to the ETI 4600 music synthesiser.

 I decided to create this website because I noticed that very little information exists on the Internet and felt that this synthesiser deserves better recognition for what was after all a state-of-the-art design when it was created by Trevor Marshall.

It is my intention that the website will become the definitive source of information for the ETI4600, and also to provide an arena for those who are looking to buy or sell parts, or indeed complete synthesisers. It will also give an insight into the people behind this instrument as well as past and present owners.

The ETI4600 is a part of our synthesiser history and this website will, I hope, raise its profile and give it the recognition it deserves.

Mike Tillman August 2008

Thank you for using the ETI4600 synthesiser website.

The domain name ( and this website's contents are now for sale.

This is due to the very limited time I have to keep it running. If you are interested in purchasing it and taking over the website, please


I have put together 4 YouTube demo videos of the ETI 4600 synth. that you can find here:

Part 1 - An Overview (5 minutes)
Part 2 - Module Demo (1 of 2)
(15 minutes)
Part 3 - Module Demo (2 of 2)
(11 minutes)
Part 4 - The Sounds
(7 minutes)




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