ETI 4600 Synthesiser Owners - Past & Present

Other related ETI / Maplin Synthesiser Owners
  Richard Hallum      

Synth Version

Richard Hallum - View Richard's Page

  Rick Jelliffe      

Rick's ETI 4600 synthesiser

Synth Version

Owner Rick Jelliffe

Rick Jelliffe - View Rick's Page

  Jeff Jones      

Synth Version

Jeff Jones - View Jeff's Page

  Paul de Leeuw      

Synth Version

Paul de Leeuw - View Paul's Page

  Brian Martin      

Synth Version

Brian Martin - View Brian's Page

  Jean-Luc Portal      

Synth Version

Jean-Luc Portal - View Jean-Luc's Page

    Emil Sarlija      

Emil Sarlija's ETI 4600 synthesiser

Synth Version

Emil Sarlija - owner of an Australian version ETI 4600 synth

  Emil Sarlija - View Emil's page

 Val Starr



Synth Version

  Val Starr - View Val's page

    Mike Tillman



Mike Tillman's ETI 4600 synthesiser

Synth Version

Mike Tillman owns the UK version of the ETI 4600 synth and is webmaster of this site

  Mike Tillman - View Mike's page


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