Synthesiser Sounds

    The Maplin 5600S & 3800 Demo Tape
  Many thanks to Maplin for giving me permission to make their Demo tape available so that everybody can hear what these synths sound like! Although the demo tape features sounds from the Maplin 5600S and 3800 synths,  many of the modules are identical to the 3600 and 4800 synthesisers, so the sounds are representative of these as well. Thanks also to Pete Lilley for providing the demo tape. Although not up to CD quality, considering the tape is 30 years old it isn't too bad!

Due to the mp3 file sizes (7MB) I've had to limit the quality. However, should anybody like a higher quality version (28MB), please email me and I'll send it to you.

Please right-click on 'Side 1' or 'Side 2' and select Save As... or Save Link As... to download to your computer.

  Side 1:

Side 2:
Sound Effects 5600S/3800
Synth Sequencer/Controls
'Space Race' Maplin Theme

Backing Tracks: 1. 'I Got You'  2. 'Morning'
Recorded performances with solos and effects played on the 5600S and 3800:
"I Got You" , "Morning" , "Bandit Rock" , "Etherius", "Whirlpool".
  **All music on side 1 played on 5600S and 3800**  Cassette music and narration by Mike Beecher

All music © Maplin Ltd.


Conditions on download: You may download these mp3 tracks for your personal listening pleasure. They may not be used for any other purpose, redistributed, linked to, or sold without exclusive written permission from the copyright holder Maplin Ltd.


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